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How do I get a tax receipt from ebay when I have bought something

I have purchased some items via ebay and wish to get a tax receipt, anyone know if this is possible?

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You don't get a Tax Receipt from ebay.....it will come from the seller.  For the most part the receipt for payment is sufficient for Tax purposes if that is what you are wanting.  Some business sellers can/will offer you another receipt is you ask.

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Just print of a copy of you payment.

That is a receipt

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a lot will depend on whether or not your seller was a registered business.

a Tax Receipt showing GST paid will only apply if the seller is registered for business and registered to collect GST.

millions of sellers on ebay are not big enough businesses to register for GST



The only invoice eBay themselves issues is for Sellers who pay fees, and ebay australia is registered in Switzerland and does not pay/collect GST

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Yeah if your after a gst inclusive receipt you need to pick australian gst registered bussiness to buy off like my self.

A lot of sellers are hobby sellers or internationally based etc.