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I purchased fake Roger Vivier shoes on ebay! what should I do!

I saw the shoes from ebay bidding. I actually didn't win the bidding. After the bidding ended, I asked seller if i can still purchase the shoes and I'm happy to pay higher than the max. bid price. And the seller agreed. She promised me more than twice that she bought this pair of shoes from roger vivier boutique and she promised she would ship the reciept with the shoes. I asked her to take a photo of receipt first, she said all personal information would be cut out from the receipt and she promised agian the shoes are 100% authentic. So I believed her! After that, she gave me her bank deposit, she mentioned in the bidding that buying through bank deposit can have discount. So I transferred money to her.


I got the shoes yesterday. There are many problems with the shoes,


1. she said in the bidding, the size is 37, but it is 36!!!

2. It is not authentic! I compare it with authentic roger vivier shoes, totally different from the sole!


I tried to contact the seller, and she never replied! I saw her created a new bidding, and obviously ,she saw my message, but she didnt reply! I went to the police, and they said I should contact ebay first, which I acutally did yesterday. I don't wanna wait for long time to solve this problem. What can I do now!!! i know it should be accounted for "item purchased outside ebay".

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"After the bidding ended, I asked seller if i can still purchase the shoes and I'm happy to pay higher than the max. bid price"


That is not how legitimate transactions are conducted on ebay. You did an illegimate transaction and so you got an illegitimate item.


Sellers: file unpaid item disputes 4 days after end of sale; close 4 days later issuing a strike; add buyer to your blocked bidders list; set buyer requirements to block bidders with 2 or more strikes in the past 12 months.
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You chose to deal outside of ebay, you chose to pay by an unsafe payment method, you chose to believe what a complete stranger told you and the seller chose to send you a fake item.


What advice do you think anyone can give you except don't do anything as foolish ever again.



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If the purchase was not done on eBay and payment was made by bank transfer there is nothing eBay can do. You have no buyer protection for your transaction.


You will need to contact the seller and try and arrange to return the item for a refund.