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Why would a seller prevent you from carrying out a "Buy It Now" transaction not accepting offer/bid?

Two China based seller have now refused to accept any Offer/Bid/Buy It Now from me. I have never purchased from them previously.

I did asked one of them for some information on an item but they have not replied and the refusal at that seller started coming shortly thereafter. Now a second seller has refused for the same looking item with similar specs.

My feedback information show all positive feedback from sellers. 

I have asked for feedback from them as to why the refusal.

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Sellers can block buyers for any reason at all or for no reason.


There are blocks that sellers can put in place that automatically stop buyers who do not fit into their criteria.

Have you had any unpaid items in the last year?  Are you phone verified?

Or do you have a PO Box as a delivery address?

These are the most common blocks that sellers have in place.

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To add - save yourself the headaches of inferior products and buy local.

That also keeps jobs here rather than bringing in more Chinese foreign investors. Smiley Wink

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