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delivery date.

Can a seller have one delivery date stated at the top of the page then have a different date listed in middle of the page? EG: it will be delivered by 10 of the month at the top of page then mid page it implies next month. if not can i then retract the bid.

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in reply to mongi01

The delivery date stated at the top of the page is usually ebay's ESTIMATED date of delivery which is completely clueless and almost always wrong. I am in Melbourne, and it states "to Australia" 1-3 business days. Well if I am posting to Perth, in actuality it can take up to 10 business days so just ignore that date. Why they persist in quoting such an unrealistic time frame, with no input allowed by the seller, or even Australia Post ! -  is just beyond me.


The time the seller has quoted is the one you should go by - but don't let them string you past the 45 day cut off to open a dispute should the product not arrive.