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hi. how to contact ebay?

i cant access customer support online support. i filled up all the details but this message Please provide the correct information in the highlighted fields. keeps on showing. i cant contact seller coz no contact no. can i get back my payment?

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in reply to marie.dyoy

If you want a payment back there is no point in contacting eBay. The only way you can get any payments back is though a Paypal dispute or a credit card chargeback.

Perhaps if you explain the problem someone here can help you.

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in reply to marie.dyoy

Did you pay with paypal for your item in the last 45 days?

If yes you can open a dispute for either item not as described or not received.

More info would help.

To open the dispute to the right of the purchase is a drop down and click on resolve a problem and follow the prompts.

If you paid with bank dep there is not a lot you can do as there is no protection for the buyer with that form of payment.

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in reply to marie.dyoy

There is no real delivery time from the UK...it varies considerably depending on where the item is coming from. It can be anywhere from a week to 4 or 5 weeks but 3-4 weeks is quite normal these days.

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in reply to marie.dyoy

If it's the perfume I would give it another week  or so as it's coming from the UK and we've had Easter in the middle of this, so it's not quite 3 weeks since you bought it.


I'm sure someone will come along with the current delivery times from UK.


You have 45 days to open a dispute so you are still OK. Just keep an eye on the dates.