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who collects my sale items for posting? do I take them to the post office? how do I choose fast & fr

I'm fairly new to selling and don't quite understand how fast and free works. Do I take my sold items to the post office or are they collected or what?

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You do understand that there is no such thing as free postage don't you? You still have to pay for postage when you take it to the post office. It just depends on whether you are willing to cop the postage cost or whether you charge the buyer for it. As for fast and free, that shows up automatically for buyers it applies to. You should ideally have a 1 day handling time (not recommended these days due to postage defects and slow postage by Aust Post) and list your items as free postage. If you live in Sydney and a buyer in Perth looks at your items, fast and free won't show up, yet it will show for someone living in say Melbourne.


If you are going to list free postage, make sure you incorporate the postage cost into the item price, allowing for eBay and PayPal's fees. In other words, don't list something for $1 with free postage or you will be a LOT out of pocket, which will kind of defeat the purpose of selling really.

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You need to send them yourself  (unless you sell something as 'pick up only' and the buyer comes and collects it)



Fast and free just means you are giving free postage and 'fast' refers to ebay's fantasy land postage speeds

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