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$30 voucher

So, I got my $30 voucher and read the T&C, which said that I can only redeem it against the cost of item, not shipping.  Fair enough, but does it mean I cannot buy something that has free shipping?  I cannot see that mentioned anywhere.

Has anybody else used these vouchers?  Last time I got one, I bought something I did not really need and then the voucher was not accepted; I called them and was promised that the value of my voucher will be refunded to me, but even after another several calls it never came through. 

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in reply to *kazumi*

The voucher not applying to postage just means that the minimum spend only applies to the item price, so if the item is free postage the total price counts towards your minimum spend.  For example, if your minimum spend is $100 and you want to buy an item that's $75 + $25 postage, you have to buy something else worth $25 to make the total up to the minimum $100.  If that item was $100 with free postage it's enough to qualify for the $100 minimum spend.