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A buyer has not received item, we are sending following up emails to them but they are not respondin

A buyer has opened up a resolution case - item not recieved


the seller responses within 12hrs to give it a couple of days and advise if they are yet to recieve the item


the buyer agrees


the seller follows up a couple of days later and each day after but the buyer doesnt contact the seller back


do you refund the buyer or is the seller safe to organise ebay to close the case as the buyer is not responding to your messages?

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in reply to nightlynaughties17

Do not ask eBay to step in, then they will close in favour of the buyer and force a refund.


If the buyer doesn't respond to the case it will time out and just close.

It's possible they are not responding as they may have received the item.

Best to let the case time out.

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