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Have a buyer that says they have paid into my PayPal account but the item i'm selling is still live

My my item is still live on ebay and still counting down after a buyer has said they have paid buy now into my paypal account,i recieved an email from paypal to confirm the payment but payment is still pending,there is no such activity on my ebay listing confirming a buy it now ? is this a scam?

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Log into your Paypal account and see if the payment is showing there, it may be an echeck - if so it will take a few days to clear.


If it's not in your paypal account then it's probably a scam, don't open any links in the email sent to you and if you have run your virus/malware scans asap.


I don't see any listings on this account so I presume it's on another account of yours.


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