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Iitems previously offered for sale elsewhere

If i had prevoiusly offered an item for sale elswhere.  I list the item for sale on Ebay and an offer comes from my original non Ebay listing. Is it ok to sell to the non ebay buyer.  The offers received via ebay are not close to the asking price. Is this ok or against Ebay policy.  Also If somebody wants to ask about an item is it ok to contact by phone or does it need t go via the ebay contact/message pages

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Just end the ebay listing and sell to the other person.

Unless there are bids on a currrent listing there is no reason that you cannot do that.


It is better to keep ebay communications through ebay least until the sale is completed.  That way ebay can see that you are not trying to sell off ebay.   You will probably find it impossinble to exchange phone numbers through ebay anyway and you can only request a phone number from ebay while you are engaged in a transaction or have completed a transaction.

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