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i have been charged for selling an item but the buyer never paid



I have recently plasced an ad to sell a couch. A bidder won it and never paid for the item. I have emailsed them multiple times with n respaonse. I also noticed they lived in QLD and I live in VIC and it was a local pick up item only.


I tried to cancel the the item, but they have  not comfirmed this either.


Do I still have to pay the $15 insertion fee when this item didnt sell due to the buyer not paying?


Is there anything else that I can do to correct this? I can not  relist the ad as i have now sold the couch through another avenue?


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And to further add to daydreams, also add pick up by xxxxdatexxxx in the description.


If you opened a mutual cancellation then you can close it after either 7 or 10 days (can't remember) to get your fee credited back.

Otherwise as suggested open an unpaid case and close it 4 days later.


Options appear to the right of item in your sold list in the drop down menu.

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Just to add to what enigmabear has said - Always a good Idea to put postcode of Pick Up Location in title of item.  Just for e.g. P/U from 2210. Very frustrating going through an ad and finding at the end that item is half a world away. JMO

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Have you reported it as an unpaid item?

Ebay assumes it is sold and paid for, as far as they are concerned, as soon as something 'sells' the seller will be charged the fees


You need to report it as unpaid, once it has been at least 4 days later you can close the case (marking that you were not paid) to get your fees back


Plus, add the fake bidder to you blocked bidders list so they can't bid on more of your things when they have no intention of paying

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