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An item I paid for immediately via Paypal with free postage has now taken out $6.90 postage?!!

This is really bizarre, I previously used to buy/sell a lot under an old ID and have never encountered anything like this!


You'll be able to see what I purchased last night obviously and that it's a double pack of one product with free postage. The store also had a promotion on with a code for a 20% discount which I successfully used.  The single version by the same seller had a postage cost, I knew I'd easily use both so it was technically cheaper to go with the double pack with both the 20% discount AND free post.

This is where it gets rather weird.


I bought the double pack for $27.60, the 20% discount was $5.52 and the total was of course $22.08. I confirmed the payment successfully which was indeed $22.08 and had the usual order confirmation pop up...nothing changed in any way, it was all exactly as usual. 

I just had a look at my eBay purchases and the order is now showing as $27.60 + $6.90 postage, but underneath simply states $27.60. I thought that was odd as it is indeed free postage and any discount codes usually show on the invoice but it isn't. I checked Paypal and it shows as Product is $27.60, Discount is - $5.52, Shipping is + $6.90 and Total = $28.98.....the amount which has actually come out!


I'm completely baffled! I absolutely, 100% paid $22.08 which was the full and correct amount when I confirmed and completed the payment, at no point did it change and it still stated free postage in the final total. Yet now it's showing differently and has taken the $6.90 postage which I've never had happen before, the item does still clearly show free postage.


Am I going mad?! How on earth is that even possible? What makes it even more odd is that I completed checkout just before midnight (the discount code was expiring then, it was indeed applied) and as that account is only used for eBay then the bank account didn't even HAVE $28.90 in it until after midnight, it only had $24 available....hence me buying that particular item.


Apologies for the novel but this is just bizarre, it clearly states in the listing still that a $27.60 payment via Paypal is required immediately and that standard postage is free...I'm lost!

Any ideas?

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Hi, wishfulnostalgia,


Note: you're not contacting eBay by posting on these boards. They are public forums on which any eBay member can post, and the responders are, like you, fellow eBay members who give voluntary helpful advice and information. (The standard of help is usually well above the type of cut-and-paste help provided by eBay customer service.)


I am only guessing (as eBay have made it impossible to see buyer purchase histories - except for the buyer him/herself, of course), but if I'm correct... it's the marula oil, yes? This is clearly listed as having $6.90 p&p (although it also shows free postage for eBay Plus members). Are you an eBay Plus member? If so, according to the listing you should indeed not have been charged for postage.


However, if you're not an eBay Plus member, postage isn't free.


Is the 20% discount code you were talking about PICKITUP? This would mean that you selected Click and Collect as the postage method, which isn't free. (The seller sends to the nearest store at which Click and Collect is offered (I can see ParcelPoint locations in the drop-down list), but it isn't free for the seller to post it. You still need to pay postage (assuming you're not an eBay Plus member). The whole Click and Collect option on eBay is really only a convenience for people who can't receive parcels during the day - or aren't willing to receive them during the day - and it's more secure for them to pick up the parcel at a time that works for them from the Click and Collect location.


If I'm way off base, and this isn't the item you were talking about, and wasn't the code you were talking about, then obviously none of this will be relevant!

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If you purchased the item from overseas it is possible that you have seen the checkout amount and not notice it be different in the PayPal amount. Then in PayPal the new import tax plus the GSP's fee for retrieving taxes may have been added.

Check the transaction in PayPal.

The import tax is new and the GSP is handling it differently to what most expected.

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