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Wacker Neuson generator scam?

There are a few sellers sdvertising the Wacker Heusen Generator 5kW for between $499 $580 $586 $666


NEW Wacker Neuson MG5 Generator, 5 KVa 5.5KW Max Rated 5KW Single Portable


Note this is a scam yet Ebay still has these items up.  There is no means to flag this to stop others falling prey.  I have paid and not received the items.  


Disgraceful.  Has anyone tried to buy this item?

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SCAM. You know this how ?


You need to provide evidentiary proof otherwise you may be up for slanderous statements.

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If you are basing your opinion on the fact that you have not received your item then you need to be could be making slanderous statements,


Just open a dispute in paypal and get a refund.