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advise Urgent!!
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I was searching for good mobile (Redmi Note 4) at ebay when I found one of the sellers <Removed> he stated at his ad that he/she opens the phone box and check the product and he will not send paper document with the item which others call it Proof of purchase invoice!!! but I will have to contact them later for an electronic invoice and warranty paper!!!!


Here is what he stated at the end of his Ad:

We import our product globally to give you the best prices!
The product is international and genuine model and comes with original retail box.

The item comes with original packaging. For every stock arrive our warehouse, we have to open and check to make sure the product and the accessories are inside. So it's not unopened but we seal it in the original box.
We provide one year seller warranty for all products. We keep the records in our system, so please just send us the basic information (item name, order ID, Buyer ID) and the problem of the products, we will take care the repair for you.

Please not that we don't ship paper document with the item. Please kindly contact us if you need an electronic invoice and warranty paper.


IS IT OK to buy from him knowing that he might send anything but the real invoice and the warranty??????


would you please help, thank you.


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I personally wouldnt purchase from a seller with a feedback score that low.  Did you notice that the Warranty/Insurance cost is quoted as a cost on the listing.   I would be looking elsewhere, too many red flags for me.

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There are certain things I wouldn't buy online and mobile phones would be the top of my list. Followed by any electrical products.


If you are able to, buy from a B & M store. At least you know what you are getting.

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There is no way I would even consider thinking about buying

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Short answer NO


Run away run away


Go to a real shop for this sort of thing as a lot of the sellers will not adhere to their own terms and will not cover the warranty at all


The seller is in HONG KONG and if you have to return the item because it is faulty then it will cost heaps and they will never honour the warranty as they know there is nothing you can do about it.


TOO MANY OS sellers put item location as Australia when it is not.