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whear is my order

I orderd item 32723384482395 ON mAY 4TH.ND HAVE NOT RECIEVED IT YEY

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Note: you're not contacting eBay by posting on these boards. They are public forums on which any eBay member can post, and the responders are, like you, fellow eBay members who give voluntary helpful advice and information. (The standard of help is usually well above the type of cut-and-paste help provided by eBay customer service.)


That item number doesn't look correct. eBay item numbers are 12 digits long, and the number you have posted is 14 digits long. For that reason, the moderators should probably not edit your post, even though you're posting on a public forum or board, because the number is incorrect and meaningless in this context.


If you have purchased something on 4th May, today it will be 8 business days since that date. I don't know where your seller is located, but 8 business days is not unusual for a parcel coming interstate, not sent as an express parcel.


If you are relying on eBay's estimated delivery (for instance, something like this) eBay estimated delivery (example only)(this is an example only) in your purchase history, please be aware that this estimated delivery date range is a piece of eBay fiction. eBay generate these estimated delivery dates based on information pulled from various sources, but don't include a whole range of information integral to the accurate delivery timeframe. Treat these estimated delivery dates as a very rough guide, not as a guaranteed delivery period.


Is your item coming from overseas? Or is the seller sending it domestically/locally?


At any rate, 8 business days is too soon to panic.


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Just to add you are posting on the ebay Australia help forum here