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why are sellers aloud to mislead people with location of item

In recent weeks I have purchased items from different sellers who advertise the product is in Australia only to find out it is coming from China. Have looked at some of ebay policy rules and top the list for the sellers is to advertise the right location of the product. So is a breach of policy. I have tried to contact seller with no reply and I think this another breach of policy. I have researched on how to contact ebay and the only way is by phone but there is no area code so is impossible to contact them.    

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To contact eBay you select help at the top of the page.


But each listing has a report link.

The eBay system is primarily an automated computer system and misrepresentation of location is not allowed.

However it is not known until it's reported, even then it is very difficult to prove a seller does not have warehousing locally and only occasionally ships items from O.S. if O.O.S.

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If you need to speak to ebay you use the 1800 number that you get through the Help section.

It is a Freecall number that takes you directly to the USA.


You do not need any area codes.

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