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Can't sign in to Ebay

Hi there,

First time I've used this forum.  I can't sign into 'My Ebay' on my home computer at the moment.  I'm using WindowsXP, and I can search and browse in Ebay, but when I try so sign in, the computer refreshes the page, then says Windows Explorer has a problem and has to close.  It was working fine for 5 years up until about two weeks ago.  What happened?


I'm using my laptop at the moment with no problems...



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Re: Can't sign in to Ebay

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are you using IE for Firefox?

Firefox is apparently the best for eBay and eBay does not work so well with IE as a browser, maybe try that?

I presume on your computer you have cleared your cachet, cookies etc. and re-booted?

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Re: Can't sign in to Ebay

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This happens FREQUENTLY to me when using IE - Internet Explorer - but NEVER when using other browsers. It can be fixed by clearing your cache history or browsing history (Internet options, clear history), and should then work again. But you will keep having this problem as I do, as time goes on. I suggest abandoning IE for Ebay. It simply is too problematic.