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If I buy an item & item's in Australia but your Payment is an Overseas Name do you pay Exchange fees

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Re: If I buy an item & item's in Australia but your Payment is an Overseas Name do you pay Excha

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steveodonovan, if the item was not listed on (i.e., if it was listed on, or, or, or any other international eBay site), then the price to be paid is in the currency of that particular site. You will see the item price on the listing itself  - GBP or USD or EUR, whatever it may be, and underneath will be "approximately AU $xx.xx".


You will presumably be paying with PayPal. In PayPal, you can choose to have your bank or credit card issuing agency setting the exchange rate*; alternatively, you can choose to let PayPal decide the conversion rate, in which case you'll see the converted amount in Australian dollars and this will be charged in total at the time of your payment.


* If your bank/card issuer sets the conversion rate, the conversion fee is charged by that bank/issuer separately. You will have to see for yourself which option is more cost-effective, because it varies.


The price shown on eBay when you're bidding/purchasing on an international item is an estimate, a conversion, and moreover it doesn't take into account any currency conversion fees or changing exchange rates. Use it as a rough guide, not as an absolute.


At any rate, you will be paying Australian dollars converted at the current exchange rate (by whatever body it is that you've selected to perform the currency exchange), so that the PayPal payment to the seller is in their selected currency.


If the item was listed on, then the price is in Australian dollars.