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Refund Question

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Hi all, 


I recently purchased a PSN $50 USD as an ebay guest (this user), using a credit card. 

After making my purchase, the supplier request that for email of my Digital Code, I am required to provide sensitive information (passport info) to verify the purchase, or request a refund. After I denied to supply the info, they mentioned I could proceed with the transaction without providing this info, but by that time, I had already arranged for the product from another supplier. 


I had requested a refund as I had already obtained my product elsehwere, and they had agreed. 


The refund was paid out to some unknown PayPal account (I presume some temporary account for my credit card transaction) as they say they can only refund to PayPal. 


For the last 3 days or so, there has been consistent back and forth where they tell me to check my PayPal for the receipt of the funds, where I consistently say I have not received any money, as I am unsure what account they are referring to. I made a PayPal account after this event and requested that the amount be refunded to this account, though I presume that cannot be done, as they already refunded this random account.  


I am unsure how to proceed, does anyone have any idea what to do?






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Re: Refund Question

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If you paid by credit card through Paypal, the funds will go to the credit card account and not Paypal, so check there - it can take a while to transfer into that account though.


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Re: Refund Question

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Thanks, it was a time issue, the money just came in this morning (which is rougly a week from when I refunded it!)