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My purchase history is not showing my purchase

I received an email from on October 5, 2017 showing my purchase and indicating 

Item No. 172450860051

Transaction ID 1757408498007


and the email says estimated delivery Friday Oct. 13 - Thursday Oct 19


When I clicked on Track your order it didn't work.  It is not in my purchase history.


What can I do?

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Even though it's less than 60 days try going to purchase history and change the drop down menu at the top from 60 days to 2017.

Also when selecting tracking, first a window may appear then you need to click on the tracking number again.

I am not getting anything for that item number. It's possible eBay has removed the listing but you would have received notification if that was the case. So if you know the seller contact them.

Otherwise begin an INR case from the PayPal transaction in PayPal.

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