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Dangerous Car Parts being sold Via EBay

(I have this same post listed in Buying section)

I have a problem with a seller who is selling dangerous car parts.

My main aim is to have the parts stopped before someone is killed. I installed these parts on my sons car and the steering failed causing a major crash. There were no injuries so the police said it is a civil matter from here.

Ebay is so frustrating. I have reported him and they simply sent me a reply saying they contacted the seller and due to privacy they can't tell me the outcome. The outcome is he is still selling these parts.

I have since been contacted by someone else here in Australia saying his failed. (No crash though). The seller also has negative feedback saying the parts failed.


I have a detailed thread on a car forum with lots of evidence and a statement from another person here...


This is the outcome of the parts failure. Can anyone offer any help to get this guy stopped before someone dies.


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Re: Dangerous Car Parts being sold Via EBay

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Wow, what a rotten experience. I hope your son doesn't have any medical issues come up later. Please be aware he may develop PTSD, but I hope he doesn't.


I'm no expert and didn't understand a lot of the blog and it was a little tl;dr for me so forgive me when I repeat things there or advise things you have already done, but >insert patient sigh here< the first things I thought of were for you and the person who contacted you saying their parts failed also:

-Contact both the manufacturers of your vehicles and the purported manufacturers of the parts. Both these parties will have expert knowledge. If the parts are counterfeit the companies may have a case via Vero to have the parts removed from sale

-Contact all your insurance companies including Green slip and health, even if you aren't making a claim. They would be very interested in shutting down bodgy parts. They may also recommend a mechanic who can give an independent report of the aftermath.

-Contact the roads authority of your state to alert them if they can give any advice in a situtation such as this

-Contact customs if these parts are imported

-Contact a solicitor now

-Diarise everything


So sorry this has happened. I hope you have a good outcome and I hope all rotten eggs are shut down. Good luck!

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Re: Dangerous Car Parts being sold Via EBay

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