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How eBay can investigate the missing item from USA to Australia?

We've bought an item from USA through Ebay to Australia. Global shipping system shows that our item is delivered but we've got nothing. We called to FedEx and Australian Post. FedEx said that our item is lost during transition to Australian Post. Australian Post has only tracking number of our item, but not physically the item by itself, for this reason not any delivery is happened. How does eBay can help us in this case?

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Have you spoken to ebay and asked them?


We are just members like you so we can't give you an exact answer


Lots and lots of problems with the Global Shipping sytem, then you add Aust. Post (who is uselss) into the mix and then potentially a courier too. Left hand does not know what the right is doing much of the time


Did FedEx lose it? (sorry if I have misread that part of your post)

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