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can a seller charge more for shipping than the cost.

I purchased several items from the same seller. The seller combined the items into a single express post satchel that cost under $14. However charged me a total of $49.40 for shipping as the items did not combine at checkout.


At the time of purchase I did not notice the high shipping cost as I purchased multiple items from multiple sellers via my shopping cart.


The seller has agreed to refund me $20 for the access shipping cost still leaving me paying $29 for $14 worth of shipping. I had thought it was against ebay rules. I could understand if each item was sent seperately and the cost of shipping really did come to $49 however the seller conveniently combined the shipping for him/her self and then charged me for individual shipping.


The seller is indicating he has "broken my rule" and refunded me $20. I was about to reply that his rule is meaningless it's ebay rules that count but thought I'd better double check.

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The seller is within his/her rights to combine the items into one parcel without discounting the postage.

Did you ask if they offered discounted combined postage?


Ebay has no rules on discounted shipping.

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The seller has additional postage costs on top of the stated $14.00  Stamp Cost.  Anyone who only charges Stamp Cost, is a fool

and losing money.