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How does a partial refund work in a claim?

I opened a claim for item not received for several items on an invoice. PayPal opened the claim as Not Described... weird.


The seller agreed to refund the items not received.


The wording in the PayPal claim said something along the lines of "Seller offers partial refund of [my claim amount] and you get to the keep the items. Press Agree to close the case."


I pressed Decline because I couldn't see or find anywhere that says this will prompt the refund. I didn't want to agree and lose my chance at the refund.


I realise I should have come here and asked first - could/should I have accepted and been protected?


thanks Smiley Happy


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Of course you should have accepted.....the seller had agreed to send the partial refund which would have seen the claim finalised and closed.   If the seller did not follow up then paypal could have enforced the refund.


Now that you have rejected the refund it is possible, in fact probable, that you will not receive your refund and you have no other avenue to get a refund......once closed a claim cannot be reopened.

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Is the case now closed after you selected disagree ?

If so give PayPal a call, in fact give PayPal a call anyway, they are very good at resolving issues over the phone.


PayPal - 1800 073 263

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