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I sold an item and provided tracking information. Why are my funds still on hold?

I've sold an item recently and when I logged into my PayPal account it says the funds are on hold until the 19th of August. I sent the package off on Wednesday the 8th of August and provided a tracking number. Shouldn't that have made the funds available?


It was Item number 173451016065.

Tracking number was R239679014743512006120909.


Giving that verification should make the money available immediately, after all, people don't sell on eBay to get paid 'eventually'.


I would like those funds released, please.


Thank you.

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Funds on hold til 19th August.......(21 Day Hold)

Sent the package off  8th August


Does that mean, that it has taken you 10 days to post the item.  If that is correct, then I would not expect

Paypal to be in any great rush either.

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The money will only be released when the online tracking shows that it has been delivered and/or when the buyer leaves positive feedback.


You will have to ring paypal and tell them that the item has been delivered.   Just uploading the tracking to ebay does not release the funds.


Did you really take 10 days to post the item?  If the buyer is unhappy with your postage time it may hold up the funds for the full time.

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People on this board are all simply members just like you


As is the rules for all people new to selling or who have not sold ‘enough’ in the last 90 days have a 21 day hold on their funds


Have you phoned PayPal with the tracking information/proof of delivery and positive feedback and asked them if they will release the money sooner?