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How do I remove members I have saved / follow as I have less than 100 in saved sellers? Please Help!

 I can not add any new Sellers because message pops up & says I have reached 100 sellers, even thou I only have about 67 seller saved on my E-bay..


I have 100 members & I have tried to Delete a lot of those & some of the members are No Longer Registered. You use to be able to unfollow by clicking on members to unfollow but Now you ( I ) can't in my settings, Nothing happens when I click on save members to unfollow. All that happens is a message that says - Following this Seller.


I Can't Find ANY HELP in E-bay Help or Search at the Bottom of Any of there pages, Please Help, Kind Regards Steve.

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From your "my eBay" page, select "saved Sellers" from the left column on the page.  When this opens, if you hover your mouse over the name of the seller on the left you get a "delete" button appears. Click on that to delete the seller.

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