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Are you allowed 2 accounts selling same items

I have read the ebay selling policies very vague have read the duplicte listings policy was wondering how certain traders are selling the same exactly identical item on 2 accounts the name of the 2 accounts is nearly the same so they can keep the price high on the main account and undercut any item you list on there dodgy second account clearly a breach of ebays rules and all those ebay buyers purchasing of the dear account are being ripped of I have reported this seller at least 5 times by phone waste of time all were asking for is a fair and level selling experience on ebay that ebay promises (lol)

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You can have many accounts and sell same items across those.

Of course there are those abusing the eBay system and won't mention which country beginning with C is rife on ignoring rules.

To add it is difficult for eBay to prove breach of rules.

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