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Can you help me. I am selling a collectible (232767138862)

Can you help me? I am selling a collectible (232767138862) & had not intended it for sale outside Australia. However, a Chinese buyer has bought the item & is awaiting me to provide him with with an invoice for the total cost, including the additional postage rate to be sent overseas. Also, the buyer has asked that the item not be posted to China, but to an address in the USA he has yet to give me. Before I get a price at the post office for this item's airfreight to the USA, may I just ask one thing as I am new to Ebay. Once I obtain the updated postal charge to the USA, how may I generate a new invoice combining both the cost of the item and its increased postal charge?

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I would immediately cancel the sale and send the buyer a message that you don't sell internationally.

Then add the member to your BBL.

When you relist make sure you select No International postage.

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Screams scam to me


Personally, I would'nt touch this with a ten foot pole


But wait and see what other members here think

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You can get a price for international postage, via australia post online.  You will need to know the weight of the item, your postcode

and the destination country.  Do not use the economy air service, as it does not come with tracking.  Remember to add at least

11%  to the postage cost, to cover ebays take.  Plus remember to add on any other costs you incurr re post.  Note you will also

have to provide a customs declaration.

You should also be aware that you are required to send the item to the buyers address, as specified by Paypal.


When you have your postage costs, locate the item in your sold listings and from the drop down menu select send invoice.

You can then update postage costs before sending the invoice.


As per enigma's comment.  I would be a bit dubious about this, and personally if they buyer had not made contact requesting

international post, prior to sale,  I would be cancelling the sale and blocking them from bidding.

Be carefull, plenty of scams out there, if you do proceed with the sale, Only use Paypal for payment.