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How do i set a reserve price on my item? TY

I have listed 2 items on auction. How do I set a reserve price?


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eBay australia only has reserves on cars / boats / bikes / caravans,  not on other categories


a buy it now price is NOT a reserve, and disappears once a single bid is placed.

you should set your auction start price at a figure you would be happy to accept if there is only one bid.

for example, if only one person bids on your photocopier, it will sell for ONE DOLLAR only


thats how ebay works

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Your starting price IS your reserve.

ebay aus doesn't have reserves, only in vehicles and real estate.

If someone bids $1 on the copiers the BIN disappears and they could win them for $1.

Start your auction at the lowest you want to sell at and keep in mind the BIN disappears when a bid is placed.

I suggest revising your prices.

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