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I sold a working phone to a buyer. Two weeks later he wants a refund. What are my obligations?

I sold the phone in full working condition (It was my daily driver).


Two weeks after receiving the phone the buyer messages me about software issues and would like a refund.


The funds already cleared my paypal account and I withdrew them. I had 'no refund' listed on my listing.


What are my obligations to the seller? I live in Australia and am not a business.

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If it is faulty or Not as Described and buyer opens a case for a refund, they will need to return it and eBay will refund irrespective of what you have in the listing.

Marking a listing No Returns only pertains to change of mind return.


Is buyer claiming faulty or is it change of mind ?

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Your phone purchase is one thing but I think you may have a problem with the listing you currently have on line.


You cannot put a "Listing" up for something you want to buy.  That is weird to say the least.  How do you expect that to work????