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What would you do? A buyer is stalking me,

I had to change my seller name on G'tree and Ebay. She came to my house and my husband was late leaving for work as he didn't feel I was safe. He told her that she needed to leave as I was ill and her excuse was, "someone drove me here as I dont drive so I'll have to stay until they come back', Hubby got her out really fast then.

  She emailed, phoned etc constantly until I blocked it all eventually as she changed numbers.   3 weeks ago she found me on Ebay and won lots of auctions, never paid, never does, ever.             . When I saw the address, I felt ill and rang Ebay. They said block her etc.

Tonight one of my auctions was won by someone whom "" lives at her address,different name""  Ebay would of known it was her and I spent a long time telling them my concerns???   This woman is v scary.., What would you do?

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Go to the police and be guided by them.

This has gone way beyond anything ebay can do for you.

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