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how to leave negative feedback on a buyer

how to leave negative feedback on a buyer?


Buyer did not pay, ar onswer emails, or respond to ebay case.


What can I do to bring this buyers action to the notice of other sellers. ebay only lets me save positive feedback or send me off on a string of pages which tell me often not to create a problem.

What is going on?  This is the first bad experience I have had, and if ebay can't penalise a buyer with this attitude I will think long and hard about selling on ebay again.


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It has been many years since sellers have been able to leave buyers anything but positive feedback. (You can also not leave a positive with negative comments - at least, not without the risk of being sanctioned by eBay.)


This does mean that you as a seller have lost the ability to "call out" the buyer for bad behaviour; there is certainly a therapeutic value to being able to give a bad seller negative feedback. However, since that has been removed, you will need to work within what eBay DO allow you. For buyers who don't pay, simply open an Unpaid Item case. After 4 days, if the buyer doesn't pay, the buyer will be issued with an invisible strike. This will affect the buyer's ability to buy from many sellers (who have set up their Buyer Requirements to block buyers who have at least two non-payment strikes.


Read the Unpaid Item Policy.



If a buyer doesn't pay for an item within 4 days, sellers can open an unpaid item case in the Resolution Centre. If the buyer still doesn't pay or reach some other agreement with the seller, eBay may record the unpaid item on the buyer's account.

When an unpaid item case closes without payment from the buyer, sellers are eligible to receive a final value fee credit to their eBay seller account. Also, if they relist the item and it sells the second time, eBay may refund the insertion fee for the relisting. Learn more about receiving insertion fee credits.

Note: Excessive unpaid items on a buyer's account may result in range of actions, including limits or loss of buying privileges.


Unpaid items and account limits

  • Buyers who don't pay may have unpaid items recorded on their accounts.
  • Unpaid items are separate from Feedback, and don't affect a user's Feedback score or Feedback Profile.
  • Unpaid items will automatically be assigned to the buyer's account when the seller receives a final value fee credit.
  • If you have excessive unpaid items on your account, we may limit or end your ability to buy.

Also read Resolving unpaid items with buyers.

  1. If it's been more than 4 days since the listing ended, you can select Report an unpaid item. This lets us know you're having a problem and starts the formal process for resolving the issue – we call this opening a case. You need to report a case within 32 days of the listing ending.
    Report an unpaid item
  2. After opening a case, the buyer has 4 days to respond or pay for the item. On the fifth day, you can close the case by going to the Resolution Centre and selecting Close case. Under Have you received payment from the buyer?, select No. The unpaid item is then recorded on the buyer's account, the final value fee will be credited back to you, and you can relist the item.

It's important to close out any unpaid item cases. If you don't close an unpaid item case within 36 days, we'll close it for you, but you won't be eligible for a final value fee credit. Also, if we close a case, the unpaid item won't be recorded on the buyer's account.


Have you set your blocks in your Buyer Requirements? The link is here:


The ones in red are the important ones; the others are optional - whatever works best for you as a seller.


Select requirements  

     Important: Select buyer requirements carefully - they may reduce your selling success. The requirement(s) you select will be applied to your current and future listings, except as noted. eBay encourages you to learn more by visiting the Buyer Requirements Help page.    
Buyers with Unpaid Item strikes
Block bidders and buyers who have received   ②  Unpaid Item strike(s) within   ⑫   month(s)  
This requirement can help you avoid bidders and buyers with a history of not paying for the items they have agreed to purchase.


Buyers in locations to which I don't post
  Block buyers whose primary postage address is in a location I don't post to.  
This requirement can help you avoid buyers who agree to purchase your items without realising you don't post to their location.


Buyers with policy violation reports
Block buyers who have   ④  Policy violation report(s) within   ⑥  month(s)  
This requirement can help you block buyers who have been reported to have violated eBay policies.


Buyers with a negative feedback score
Block buyers who have a feedback score of   -1   or lower(Not really relevant any more, as buyers cannot be given negative feedback, but tick this anyway.)
This requirement can help you avoid buyers who have received more negative than positive feedback from other eBay members bidding on your item.


Buyers who may bid on several of my items and not pay for them
Block buyers who are currently winning or have bought    ③    of my items in the last 10 days.
        Only apply this block to buyers who have a feedback score of    ⑤    or lower.
Consider selecting this requirement if you are selling expensive items and don't want to sell over a certain number to any single buyer. Learn more about how this requirement works.


Apply above settings to active and future listings.
Existing bids will not be affected.
Turbo Lister will pick up these settings after you sync each item with eBay. Third-party listing tools will pick up these settings after you synchronise the tools with eBay.


Don't allow blocked buyers to contact me. (Buyer won't see the "Contact Seller" button on your Q&A page.) Note: Buyers can still contact you about existing transactions, unless you add them to your blocked list.
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