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Analytics on ebay: which one is correct

Hi! I've recently started on ebay and now trying to figure out how certain things work... I'd like to see how many people view my listings: I'm wondering if people see them in search results and click on something. So, ebay own meter shows that my listings get some new views, and these are definitely not related to my own views when I make minor revisions (for example, I took a note how many views were yesterday from summary page, I didn't open my listings, and today I see more views). A week ago I turned on Terapeak Listing Analytics, and it shows that there was only one view on all items throughout the period. I'm kinda confused now: which result can I rely on? Thank you!

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Re: Analytics on ebay: which one is correct

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eur0l00k wrote:

I'm kinda confused now: which result can I rely on? 

Not to come across as a pessimist.....but probably neither. Smiley Surprised Smiley LOL


It's unlikely that Terapeak's is correct (I haven't looked at that in a long time, and my link with them expired so I can't compare with my eBay stats) - a week would be long enough to gather enough data as well, so they wouldn't still be indexing anything (I wouldn't think so, anyway). I dunno if this is remotely relevant, but I do recall reading here a short while ago that Terapeak now costs money to subscribe to, so unless you confirmed a paid subscription / payment method, it may be giving you an overview of available services rather than actually providing that service.


I've always taken eBay's stats with a pinch of salt, as they count bot views, sometimes items have several views within seconds of being listed, and I've noticed my own views can be counted more than once (particularly after clearing cookies / cache etc). Every so often they'll also disappear / reset to 0 for a while, too, but at the end of the day it's a relatively decent indicator (over time) of buyer interest.