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Selling items for someone else - what to charge?



I have items to sell for two different people who do not know how to use Ebay.


One is a person who used to have a collectable shop a long time ago and wants me to sell his items now on Ebay for him. Things like Coke items etc books, bottles pins and a whole lot of other misc collectables. 


The other is a biulder who would like to sell his items when demolishing his properties and selli thing like windows doors and any other household accessory etc. He also buys and restores antique furniture and would like me to move this for him as well.


So I would be selling stuff for these guys from anywhere between $10 to $1000


I have only done a bit of ebay myself selling small collectable awhlie back so I am not too experienced at it.


Can anyone please give me an idea as to what I should charge these two guys for me selling their items on ebay?



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Re: Selling items for someone else - what to charge?

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That's really a decision that only you can make.


How much is your time worth to you?


How much money to you require to make it worthwhile for you to be doing eBay rather than something else?


ie: put simply it's Opportunity Cost. What do you get for what you have to give up? Is what you get worth what you have to give up?





If working for someone else, you really do need to nut out a business plan. There are so many things to consider. Including how much you like these people and if you are just helping out a mate or trying to generate some cash


Then consider if you want to be paid per item whether it sells or not or a percentage of total sales or even a combination of both.


From a business angle: maybe charge $11 per initial listing as you should be able to work up 5 or 6 listings an hour. then maybe $2.20 for each relist?
 plus a percentage of sales or a minimum set price up to say $550 and then a percentage thereafter?


Remember that your services will be subject to GST


dunno really, it's a personal thing and really depends on your motivation and what you perceive your time is worth.



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Re: Selling items for someone else - what to charge?

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if you will be seilling using your own ebay id you will need to draw up 'contracts' with both people to show you are receiving all the money for the items 'on consignment' and you'll need to keep very acurate records of money in/ money out of your bank accounts, owise YOU will be liable for all that 'income' when it comes to tax time.

also, take time into consideration, who will be doing the descriptions, measurements, packing / posting etc.

who is responsible for any items that get damaged in your possession, does your household insurance give you any coverage??


selling building materials means pick ups and organizing times/dates etc. who will be responsible for that.


years ago I used to sell for someone, but I made him get his own ebay ID, paypal ac etc. and I had the passwords so all business for his company went thru HIS ebay ID and not mine.  I charged a flat hourly rate to list/sell.


whatever you decide, good luck with it, it's hard work but with good stock you can do well, with 'rubbish' you just waste your time.

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Re: Selling items for someone else - what to charge?

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You've received very good points to consider in replies so far. In addition to this you will possibly need to establish what they (the people who you are selling for) will expect to receive for each items and depending on condition and if it is new or used. I have experienced that people who are not familiar with selling online are likely to expect top dollar for items they can't sell offline.


Also if you're not familiar with the items that they are expert in then the expectations may be too high when it comes to pricing. You will need to be competitive with other sellers on Ebay or your product will probably not sell easily and and so therefor it will be a lot of work and time on your part and the sellers have lost nothing if you don't sell. I think it better to find something to sell that you are personally interested in.


Hope this helps.

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Re: Selling items for someone else - what to charge?

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thankyou for your replys

I will definately take in all the advise