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My pics won't enlarge. 24 hours now. Other sellers seem ok??

My pics are not enlarging. I thought it may be a temp eBay glitch, but it's been over 24 hours now. Any help appreciated.





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Melina, I checked a lot of your listings starting from the bottom so as not to check the same ones as problems with any that I looked at.+

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Just checked your first 10 listings, all enlarging.

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here is my complaint:


Hi...why are my new listings (today only) missing the zoom in (magnifying glass) in photos? Is this a site-wide glitch?
2017 - 10 - 14
09:39:16 UTC Jinish
Welcome to eBay Australia Live Chat! My name is Jinish. May I have your full name please?
09:39:34 UTC twyngwyn
09:40:09 UTC Jinish
Hello Michele.
09:40:48 UTC twyngwyn
others are complaining on the message boards
09:42:53 UTC Jinish
I understand your concern and would like to inform you that it completely depends on the photo quality.
09:43:11 UTC Jinish
We haven't received any such reports yet.
09:43:27 UTC twyngwyn
Nothing has changed problem
09:44:33 UTC twyngwyn
This is your 1st? Please escalate
09:45:00 UTC Jinish
Could you please share any sample item numbers?
09:45:17 UTC twyngwyn
give me a minute
09:45:23 UTC Jinish
09:47:27 UTC twyngwyn
09:48:30 UTC twyngwyn
09:49:19 UTC twyngwyn
09:49:47 UTC Jinish
Thank you.
09:50:43 UTC Jinish
I will escalate this to our technical team and they will look into it.
09:50:56 UTC twyngwyn
09:50:56 UTC Jinish
Once we get an update, we will notify you via email.
09:51:10 UTC twyngwyn
09:52:27 UTC Jinish
Apart from this is there anything else you would like me to check for you?
09:52:45 UTC twyngwyn
No, thankyou!
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I just checked and the only listing not enlarging for me is: 

item number:
I too, have the same problem.....anything new I've listed today does not have the magnifying glass to be able to enlarge......will contact ebay tomorrow (if still the sme) & will let you know if there's a 'glitch'
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The mouse over zoom feature in my listings & those of other sellers that I look at is working on some listings & not others - even some that I used it on a few days ago.


It doesn't seem to have anything to do with photo size, as some smaller are zooming & some larger aren't. It seems to be affecting recent listings more than the older ones.


I tried clearing cache & cookies, but still the same problem.


Hope this clears soon.