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Why are some listings saying the item is in Aus when clearly they are overseas?

False and missleading! i like to buy from aus because i feel safer that i will get what i purchased and could follow up easier should things go wrong. i have found multiple listings saying the product is here and the company based here in Aus, when clearly it is over seas! i just purchased in australia only to find out that its coming from CHINA! not good & not happy! if your in Timbucktu, say so!

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"if your in Timbucktu, say so!"


They do everything they can to present themselves as being anything but a Chinese seller because of the incredibly high volume of garbage merchandise that comes from that country.


It is simply a deliberate attempt to mislead buyers into believing that the goods that they are purchasing are made to a reasonable standard of quality and that their items will arrive in a reasonable time frame.


Unfortunately it is very much a case of 'buyer beware'... Of course thats an easy phrase to throw around - and only usually learnt from experience (-$)


Ebay do have the option to report items for a variety of things, but it has been my experience that while sometimes the specific item is removed NO action seems to be taken against the seller..


Something I am interested in buying for instance - cordless tools - ebay is flooded with aftermarket batteries and chargers..


Go ahead search:  BL1830 -for -adapter -adaptor -usb


Then check the "Australia Only" box


2700+ listings... 99% are not coming from Australia... Just for a very specific aftermarket battery/charger (NONE of the chargers are approved for use in Australia either.. but that's another story..)


All reported items should be followed up on more thoroughly.. But they aren't. Smiley Sad



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Just going through the same thing and I called ebay and they said they can not take action as it would be seen as discrimination Smiley Sad

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Chinese and other Asian sellers are notorious for ignoring rules.

I have learnt it is part of their culture to do everything to gain for themselves no matter the consequences, unless it costs them.


As a buyer on eBay a little effort is needed to check that a listing is genuine.

Always check on the feedback and you will also see where the account is registered.

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Because the sellers are con artists selling crud