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Why is my paypal taking so long to pend a payment?

So a buyer paid for an item on the 26th of June, but still I haven't received any payment even though it says on my ebay the payment is pending through to paypal. Does it normally take this long? I want to post it asap because I feel I've kept the buyer waiting long enough!

Accepted Solution
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in reply to laurenb0611

Is the payment an echeck? If so, they can take up to 10 working days to clear as they have to come from the buyers bank account, not paypal. Do not post until the payment clears as they can often bounce. Just email the buyer and let them know that you will post as soon as the payment clears.

I'm assuming that you have upgraded your paypal account to a premier or business account to accept payments?

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in reply to laurenb0611

The buyer receives the same email that you do from Paypal re approximately how long before their echeque payment (if this is the case) will clear & therefore,they would have no grounds to complain re delay in posting.